Google Analytics Certification

Whether your business is a small, medium or large scale, you definitely need a Google Analytics Certified Expert who completely understands your measurement objectives, analyzes your analytics data, measure performance and helps you in making accurate business decisions. KeshawMishra has completed his Google Analytics Certification exam conducted by Google. Now, we are a Google Analytics Expert in India, Delhi.


We are Google Analytics certified consultants and have experience in order to help different organizations worldwide with each and every aspect of digital analytics starting from setup and reporting to finally research and analysis with some actionable insights.


We are one of the top-rated Google Analytics certified experts and serve the largest organizations as well as Government agencies. Listed below are the benefits and services provided by us to our valuable clients:

  • Measurement Strategy: We tend to implement the most complex measurement strategies such as multi-device and cross-domain.
  • Migration: We accomplish large migrations including Adobe analytics to Google analytics.
  • Account structure: We help in organizing large and complex accounts as well as configurations.


Being your Google analytics consultant, we offer unique business goals for configuring your account, helps in building confidence for marketing decisions and provide very easy access to the performance data. The clients always want assurance if they are going to invest resources in Google analytics, we always produce the correct information and the great impact you need.


What do we do?

  • Define measurement goals: In order to define measurement goals, segments, and targets, we organize the right persons to get involved in the planning process. Our experts will identify your business goals, targets and KPIs to measure performance.
  • Create an implementation plan: We design the implementation plan for a small or large business. For Google analytics: we define the code snippets and product features for improving productivity and making the right business decisions.
  • Implement the planned model: After designing, our implementation team
  • Google Analytic setup: We do everything from tracking code installation to configuration settings including filter views, campaign tagging, and e-commerce tracking.